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The purpose of our office is to involve our patients in discovering what is within themselves for their best long-term health goals.  We will commit to wellness, not just eliminating problems. As we learn about our patient's occlusion, we will limit the destructive components and build on preventing destructive forces that will limit the success of our reconstructive work.

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Standard Of Care
When restorative dentistry is required, we will use the materials best suited for the situation.  For routine operative dentistry, we will use composite rather than amalgam, unless the field cannot be kept dry.  For posterior crown and bridge, we will use all porcelain or porcelain fused to precious metal restorations.  For anterior crown and bridge, we will use all porcelain crowns or veneers, and also porcelain fused to precious metal restorations if deemed necessary. We will refer root canals to an endodontist if the tooth appears too difficult for us to treat.  We refer all impacted wisdom teeth and full mouth extraction cases to an oral surgeon.  We will refer all pediatric or complex adult orthodontic cases to an orthodontist. We will also refer all surgical periodontics and surgical placement if implants.  Any child that is under 2 years old or a behavioral problem to a pedodontist.

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Belief Systems
We shall answer our patients honestly about what their treatment options are, realizing that each and every patient can and may decide to decline treatment.  If asked what "we would do," it must be answered with integrity and based on our practice's standard of care.

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We will never make judgements about a person's past dental history when they seek help from us.  We will charge a fair fee based on the amount of care, skill and judgement that is required for each patient.  We will acknowledge any failures in workmanship that may result and will remake such failures in a timely manner.

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